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5 Tips to Find Trail Running Tracks in NSW

Would you like to find the best trail running tracks?  Want to find more trails that are right for you?

Essentially trail running is about getting out into the wilderness, feeding your soul and seeing untouched parts of the world. If only there was a way to find the perfect running trails.

The good news is that if you look to the bushwalkers and mountain bikers, there are some great resources to help you. Here are 5 top tips for finding running trails in NSW.

  1. Wild Walks by  Matt McClelland covers bushwalking tracks in the Sydney, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley and Snowy Mountains.
  2. The information is divided into walks by park, rather than location.  This means you need to find the location of the parks. For this just click on the location on the map and it brings up possible options to choose from.From here you can see a map of the track, the distance, elevation and difficulty grade. The distances are all one-way and the estimated time is for walking, but certainly a good indication of what you can expect.Wild Walks is an excellent resource to get out running in the wilderness in the beautiful National Parks.
  3. NSW National Parks and Wildlife has recently updated their website making it easy to search for activities and discover what is available. Trail running is not a listed activity to choose from, however, we can look to the bushwalking and mountain biking tracks for inspiration.
  4. The activities and tracks listed are limited to National Parks areas so park entry fees apply. The site is packed with information including maps, distances and grading.
  5. NSW Mountain Biking Association has basic trail information contributed by readers. Information available includes a map, elevation and distance.
  6. The State Forests provide fantastic trail running opportunities. Using the mountain biking activity guide on the State Forest website, information includes a map of the forest and suggested routes and distances. You’ll also find some more detail on parking and facilities available.
  7. Local Knowledge is priceless. Here are a few ideas on where to get local knowledge on trail running routes:
  8. 1/ The Local Tourist Information Centre will have a ton of local knowledge to share with you about possible running routes. Ask for bushwalking and mountain biking information. They should be able to provide you with some basic maps and a guide to what to expect at each location.2/ The local running or cycling club. Find them on the web or Facebook, you’ll find plenty of keen enthusiasts who will happily share their favourite trails.
  9. 3/ The local cafe. These guys know everything. If they can’t give you some good suggestion and information on routes, they will know someone who can.

I hope these tips for finding running trails in NSW will help you get out there into the wilderness and see some of the most spectacular, untouched parts of the world.

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