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How To Start Running: Couch To 5k

“There is an expression among even the most advanced runners that getting your shoes on is the hardest part of any workout.” – Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon

As you can see, even the top runners find it hard to lace up and get out the door. You just need to get started and everything else will follow.

Today I’m going to show you how you can go from no running at all to being able to run 5km without stopping.

You guessed it. There’s an app for that.

There a...

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How To Start Running: The 10 Best Apps Helpers

The best apps that will help beginners to learn to run correctly and experienced professionals — not bored at practice and to improve your results.

1. Says to 5 K

This program is one of the recognized leaders in attracting people to the treadmill. It is a principle which is recommended by many coaches: at first, alternate running and walking, gradually decreasing the walking and increasing the amount of running until, until you become a five kilometers run without stopping.

Says to 5 K is a pe...

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Should You Run With Music? 89 Running Mums Share Their Views

The majority of professional runners don’t run with music. In fact, many running events don’t allow it.

While this may be telling us something, music can actually enhance your running.

The trick is to know when to run with music and when to run without music.

Let me explain:

Sports psychologists recognize two types of attention strategy:

Inwardly focussed attention and Outwardly focussed attention.

  1. Inwardly focussed attention is where you are aware of your breathing and feet landing...
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