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How To Start Running: The 10 Best Apps Helpers

The best apps that will help beginners to learn to run correctly and experienced professionals — not bored at practice and to improve your results.

1. Says to 5 K

This program is one of the recognized leaders in attracting people to the treadmill. It is a principle which is recommended by many coaches: at first, alternate running and walking, gradually decreasing the walking and increasing the amount of running until, until you become a five kilometers run without stopping.

Says to 5 K is a personal coach in your smartphone: he calculates the weekly plan, commands from the headphones when on the distance you need to run and when to stop. Run with it (or at least not to begin to run) is almost impossible.

2-4. Strava / Runkeeper / Endomondo

These applications monitor and record all your runs (Strava, however, still able to build graphics for Cycling that will be useful to those who in addition to running is Cycling or triathlons, and Endomondo can even track the game of tennis), speed, distance and elevation. These three convenient training diary and even a small social network: you can compete with friends and post to Facebook your best time.

5. Zombies, Run!

Everyone at some point becomes boring to run just for fun — and in this sad hour comes to the aid of a gamified app Zombies, Run! The principle is simple: zombies chasing after you, and you need to escape from them.

6. Nike + Running

One of the most user-friendly apps for running: tracks all your workout — speed, distance, pace, best and worst kilometer, acceleration, exercise place, time and even weather. Here, too, is a function of the training: you can “ask” app to control your pace, to communicate in real time indicators and how much is left to finish (which is very convenient, because you don’t have to get out his phone). Clear and crisp graphics — skate Nike: the amount of training in every month progress, your place among friends in rating the running around — everything is in this app. And yet it can tell us about the start of the run on Facebook and each encouraging comments or likes to “talk” to you about it while you run.

7. Map My Run

A great app that will help to find new routes to run your traditional if you are already tired. In Map My Run — a huge database of routes created by users from all over the world: if you go on vacation, you can easily find a nice place for a morning run, and maybe new friends.

8-9. TrailMix / PaceDJ

TrailMix app PaceDJ and consider the speed of your running and choose from a playlist of phone suitable for the rhythm of the song, based on the pace at which you are moving — in the end running becomes not only more fun but also more cheerful.

10. MyFitnessPal

This application will be useful not only runners, but anyone who wants to stay in great shape: it can record the amount received and spent for the day calories. From the huge database one can choose the products to which you have already specified calorific value, but you can scan what you are going to eat (if, however, the packaging is the barcode) and the app will calculate how many calories you will add. The app allows you to monitor the level of hydration: add the amount of water drunk per day. With MyFitnessPal you will be able to always understand how much you still need to eat and drink (or, conversely, how to limit yourself in food), taking into account your exercise. To start running with this app also is easier: if you are included in the game (and struggle) for a healthy lifestyle.


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